Freedom and Flexibility: Living my Life as a Digital Nomad

A view of The Tor in the very early morning light
"Hiking the Tor in the very early morning" by Karen Grayburn.

For the vast majority of my working life, I have been living as a digital nomad; going wherever the work is, and for the past two years, I have really owned, embraced and embodied this lifestyle.

I have just spent a wonderful ten days in Wales and Glastonbury, connecting with friends, enjoying the sites, and yes, even getting some work done – all while basking in the freedom of the digital nomad lifestyle. And now I am back in Yorkshire for a couple of weeks, but of course, this is always subject to change depending on my diary!

This type of lifestyle perfectly complements my own, but is it all fun, scenic backdrops and freedom? Here's my honest take on the pros and cons of this unique way of life:

  • Location Independence: The biggest perk! My office is wherever I have Wi-Fi. Attend meetings in Cardiff one day, explore legendary sites in Glastonbury the next – all without missing a beat.
  • Flexibility: Ditch the 9-5! I structure my day around adventures, not a commute. Connect with clients in the morning, roam the streets of Glastonbury in the afternoon, and catch up with other things later – it's all about my rhythm and how my diary is looking like.
  • Cultural Immersion: Living and working in different places means soaking up their essence. From Welsh folklore to Glastonbury's mystical vibe, every location adds a new layer to my life.
  • Personal Growth: Stepping outside my comfort zone constantly pushes me to adapt, learn, and grow. Mastering the art of "workcations" keeps things dynamic and exciting.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Strategic location hopping can unlock lower living costs. Consider charming Welsh villages compared to London's bustling (and expensive) streets.

  • Stability Woes: No steady pay check or traditional benefits can be stressful. Building financial security and navigating health insurance require extra planning.
  • Loneliness Lurks: While meeting new people is easy, building deep connections takes time and effort. Countering solo moments requires proactive community building.
  • Discipline Daemons: Without a physical "office," self-discipline is key. Blurring work-life boundaries can lead to burnout – striking a balance is crucial.
  • Tech Dependence: Reliable internet is my lifeline. Remote areas or flaky connections can throw a wrench in the works. This means I really have to be careful where I choose to go and what I can do.
  • Missing Milestones: Witnessing friends settle down, buy houses, or start families can evoke pangs of missing traditional life experiences.

Why It Works for Me:

These challenges may seem daunting, but for me, the pros outweigh the cons. I crave personal growth, cultural immersion, and the freedom to explore. The digital nomad lifestyle empowers me to pursue these passions while still earning a living.

Final Thoughts:

The digital nomad life isn't for everyone. It demands adaptability, resourcefulness, and a healthy dose of self-awareness. But for those who thrive on flexibility, adventure, and personal growth, it can be an incredibly rewarding way to live and work.

So, whether you're dreaming of exploring ancient ruins or simply working from a vibrant café, remember: the digital nomad lifestyle is just a tool. What matters most is how you use it to design a life that truly resonates with you.

If you are interested in finding freedom and flexibility and how I can help you, please drop me a message on LinkedIn, or get in touch to find out more.


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