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Being an Adult Fan of LEGO® & working with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

"The Windmill in My Studio" by Karen Grayburn. This weekend just gone I was displaying at Oban Winter Bricks as part of the Oban Winter Festival on the West Coast of Scotland. It got me thinking about how I use LEGO® personally and how I use it professionally. Adult fans of LEGO® (AFOLs) are a passionate and diverse group of individuals who have maintained their love of LEGO® bricks well into adulthood. They are often collectors, builders, and creators who enjoy the challenges and rewards of using LEGO® bricks to express their creativity and bring their ideas to life. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a unique facilitation methodology that harnesses the power of LEGO bricks to enhance communication, foster creative problem-solving, and unlock innovation. AFOLs have been instrumental in the development and adoption of LSP, bringing their expertise and passion for LEGO® to this innovative approach to problem-solving. AFOLs are drawn to LSP for several reasons: Creati

Embracing Darkness: A Journey of Letting Go, Surrender and Trust

"Walking in the Dark" by _steffen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. In a world that glorifies constant stimulation and busy-ness, the idea of spending 48 hours in complete darkness might seem daunting, unbearable and even slightly bonkers. However, this experience can also be a powerful tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a six-day retreat with Embracing Shamanism at Anam Cara in Inverness, Scotland which included 48-hours in complete darkness. It was an incredibly challenging yet rewarding experience that taught me a great deal about myself and the worlds around me and within me. Unexpectantly, I was really excited about the prospect of spending two days in complete darkness. I didn’t know what to expect but I was ecstatic at the unknowing of what could unfold. I was however worried that my impatience would get the better of me, and dare I say it, let me down. However, I was determined to see

How Can I Help Facilitate a Journey of Identity and Purpose?

A Natural Explosion of Light by Karen Grayburn. As a coach, I use a variety of methodologies to help my clients achieve their goals and live their best lives. The more powerful ones for use in business being: Mindfulness, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, and Coaching. Mindfulness: Anchoring Presence and Awareness Mindfulness is the practice of knowing what is happening while it is happening without preference. By training our attention to focus on the here and now, we can detach from the incessant chatter of our minds and connect with the profound stillness that resides within. This practice fosters a deep sense of self-awareness, allowing us to observe our thoughts, emotions, and sensations without judgment. As we cultivate mindfulness, we gain the ability to respond to life's challenges with greater clarity, compassion, and resilience. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Unleashing Creativity and Insight LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitated methodology that utilizes LEGO® bricks as a medium for e