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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

"Merry Christmas!" by Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas) is licensed under CC BY 2.0. A Christmas Poem In a world of coaching, facilitation, and play, Where mindful coaches help us along the way, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is the tool we hold, To build our dreams and stories untold. With bricks of every colour, we craft our desires, From castles of happiness to bridges of fires, Our minds expand, our spirits soar, As we create a world that's ours to explore. The mindful coach, with gentle embrace, Guiding our thoughts, with a patient pace, We learn to focus, to breathe, to be still, In the midst of Christmas' hustle and thrill. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, a magical art, Bringing creativity to life from the start, We build connections, we share our delight, In this Christmas season, oh so bright. So gather your bricks, and let us play, In this mindful and playful ballet, With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, we'll find our way, To a Christmas filled with joy and light, in every w

Who and What is a Mindful Coaching and Facilitation Consultant

"A Mindful Coaching and Facilitation Consultant" by Karen Grayburn. A mindful coaching and facilitation consultant is a professional who helps individuals and organizations achieve their goals by integrating mindfulness practices into their coaching and facilitation work. They are trained in both coaching and facilitation methodologies, as well as mindfulness techniques. Mindful Coaching Mindful coaching is a coaching approach that emphasizes the importance of present-moment awareness and non-judgmental observation. It helps individuals to increase their self-awareness, reduce stress, and make more mindful choices. Mindful Facilitation Mindful facilitation is a facilitation approach that uses mindfulness practices to create a safe and supportive space for participants to learn, grow, and connect. It helps to ensure that meetings are focused, productive, and inclusive. Benefits of Mindful Coaching and Facilitation Mindful coaching and facilitation can offer a num

What I Learnt about Building a Culture of Inclusion in Business

"Christmas #7 - Charlie Brown is all about inclusion!" by kevin dooley is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Last week I attended a webinar hosted by Business Gateway called “How to Build a Culture of Inclusion”. Now this webinar wasn’t specifically tailored towards executive coaches but for everyone in business. A lot of it I was very aware of to be fair, however there was a concept that I had never heard of, and it really made me stop and think. This needs to be shared I thought. So here I am sharing it with you. Unravelling Prejudice and Embracing Inclusion: Medical vs Social Models of Disability The concept of disability has long been a subject of debate, with various perspectives shaping our understanding of this multifaceted issue. Two dominant models, the social model and the medical model, have emerged as key frameworks for analysing and addressing disability. The Medical Model: A Focus on Impairments The medical model of disability places the primary emphasis on the

A Pathway to Wisdom (via Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight)

“Kagyu Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery and Tibetan Centre” by Karen Grayburn. Nestled amidst the rolling hills and serene beauty of Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland lies Samye Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that has become a haven for spiritual seekers from around the globe. Recently, I had the privilege of attending a retreat  at this tranquil sanctuary  which was the culmination of a year’s (or in my case, two) study of Wisdom, facilitated by two of the co-founding teachers of the Mindfulness Association. The year-long study delves into the profound depths of Wisdom, exploring its nature, its cultivation, and its transformative power. Through a combination of guided meditations, insightful teachings, mindful reflection, and home practice, we are invited to cultivate Wisdom's essence within ourselves. The Essence of Wisdom Wisdom, as we have learnt, practiced and experienced, is not merely intellectual knowledge or academic understanding. It is a profound exploration in