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Halfway There: Why Not Conduct a Mid-Year Review?

“a pictogram of summer" - Powered by Dall-E 3. We are halfway through June! How on Earth did that happen? I can’t quite get my head around that one. It feels like the year has only just begun, and yet here we are halfway through… So, given this time warp, it's a perfect time to take stock of your progress, both personally and professionally. Here's how to conduct a meaningful mid-year review that sets you up for success in the remaining months. Taking Inventory Goals Revisited: Recall the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Did you achieve any? Are some in progress? Be honest about what needs to be adjusted or let go of. Highlight Achievements: It's easy to focus on what hasn't been accomplished. Celebrate your wins, big or small! Did you master a new skill? Take on a challenging project? Publicly acknowledge yourself or discuss it with a trusted friends or colleagues! Addressing Challenges Roadblocks and Obstacles: What

Unleash Your Inner Child and Learn Through Play

“international day of play in a work context" - Powered by Dall-E 3. Why Play Matters for Adults on International Day of Play (and Every Day). Today, Tuesday 11th June 2024, marks the first-ever International Day of Play, a celebration championed by the United Nations to recognise the fundamental right – and importance – of play in a child's life. But what about adults? Should we leave building blocks and creativity behind? Absolutely not! Play isn't just for kids. In fact, incorporating playful elements into coaching, mindfulness practices and techniques like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can unlock a treasure trove of benefits for adults as well. Here's why: The Power of Play in Coaching Think coaching is all about serious chats and structured exercises? Think again! Playful activities can create a safe space for exploration, fostering trust and open communication between coach and client. Imagine using role-playing games to practice difficult conversations or buildi

Embarking on a Quest: The Hero’s Journey in Life or in Business

“the business hero’s journey inspired by tarot" - Powered by Dall-E 3. This is an article that I have been cultivating for a while and finally today I feel is the day to post it. Joseph Campbell, a renowned professor of literature and mythologist, identified a universal cross-cultural story structure: the Hero's Journey. This narrative arc takes our hero from their ordinary world, through trials and triumphs, to a transformative return. This storytelling template can be a surprisingly insightful tool when applied to understanding whereabouts you may be in your own business or life process. Now without wanting to come across as overly “woo woo”, the Tarot also provides a rich tapestry of symbolism for this process, and woven together these two powerful tools can help you to guide you on your own quest. This article is not about fortune-telling - far from it - it is about using tools to help understand whereabouts you find yourself along the hero’s cyclical model. As