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I am a Mental Health First Aider

@MHFAEngland Over the last week or so I have been listening to the podcast series “ Exploring Mental Health in Coaching ” by the Association for Coaching. I think in I am right in saying that pretty much every single episode mentioned Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). Mental Health First Aid is essentially first aid for mental health concerns. Just like regular first aid equips you to handle physical emergencies, MHFA teaches you to recognise signs of mental health issues, provide initial support, and guide people towards professional help. In June 2019, before I started my coach training and after I had gained my MSc in Mindfulness , I attended the Adult MHFA Two Day course and became a Mental Health First Aider. This equips me with the skills to provide first aid to people experiencing mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and psychosis. As a Mental Health First Aider, I am able to offer support to those in need. Even though I live in Scotland, the course was delive

The Four Pillars: A Unique Approach to Transformation

"themes of coaching, lego serious play, mindfulness and shamanism” powered by DALL-E 3. In this exploration, I want to bring together the four pillars that underpin my approach to personal and professional transformation and development: Coaching, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Mindfulness, and Shamanism. These seemingly disparate elements might surprise you, but together they form a powerful framework for self-discovery, growth, and achieving your goals. Let's delve deeper into each pillar and how they could contribute to your journey: 1. Coaching: Your Trusted Guide Coaching forms the foundation of our work together. As your coach, I'll act as your supportive guide, asking thought-provoking questions that help you gain clarity on your goals and challenges. Through active listening and personalized guidance, I'll empower you to tap into your own strengths and resources to navigate your path forward. 2. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Reimagine Your Possibilities Get ready to u

Shamanic Coaching: A Spiritual Path to Wholeness

"Thailand, Sala Kaew Ku Sculpture Park" by Nick Kenrick. is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Shamanic Coaching is a unique spiritual method rooted in ancient shamanic principles, distinct from Western psychology or other modern systems. It's not derived from a single culture but draws upon core shamanic practices, thoughtfully adapted for contemporary life and society. Focus on Spiritual Growth, Not Psychopathology Unlike traditional therapy, shamanic coaching doesn't aim to treat mental health conditions. Instead, it serves as a spiritual counselling method with the ultimate goal of life enlightenment. The focus is on helping you discover your inner spiritual power and wellbeing and the wisdom to navigate life's challenges successfully. Key Aspects of Shamanic Coaching: Ancient Shamanic Techniques: Shamanic coaching incorporates practices like drumming, guided meditations (known as journeys), and connecting with spirit guides or animal spirits. These tec

Spring Has Sprung: A Time for Growth and Renewal

"Spring has Sprung" by Javcon117* is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. As the days lengthen and the world bursts forth in vibrant hues, we find ourselves stepping into the season of spring. This time of year is a potent symbol of renewal, growth, and fresh starts – a sentiment that resonates deeply within the world of coaching. Just as nature awakens from its winter slumber, spring invites us to shed the layers of the past and step into new possibilities. As coaches, we witness this transformation first-hand as our clients embark on journeys of self-discovery, goal setting, and personal growth. Spring Cleaning for the Soul The invigorating energy of spring inspires us to declutter and refresh. This can translate beautifully into the coaching space. We can encourage our clients to: Reflect on their goals and aspirations. Have their priorities shifted? Are there new dreams waiting to be unearthed? Identify limiting beliefs or negative patterns that may be holding t