Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

santa claus in front of a tree
"Merry Christmas!" by Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas) is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

A Christmas Poem

In a world of coaching, facilitation, and play,
Where mindful coaches help us along the way,
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is the tool we hold,
To build our dreams and stories untold.

With bricks of every colour, we craft our desires,
From castles of happiness to bridges of fires,
Our minds expand, our spirits soar,
As we create a world that's ours to explore.

The mindful coach, with gentle embrace,
Guiding our thoughts, with a patient pace,
We learn to focus, to breathe, to be still,
In the midst of Christmas' hustle and thrill.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, a magical art,
Bringing creativity to life from the start,
We build connections, we share our delight,
In this Christmas season, oh so bright.

So gather your bricks, and let us play,
In this mindful and playful ballet,
With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, we'll find our way,
To a Christmas filled with joy and light, in every way.

I asked Bard to write me a funny poem based on last week's blog post on being a Mindful Coaching and Facilitation Consultant. So here it is! Merry Christmas!


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