Full Proposal Feedback

Since my last update I have completed some very valuable teacher training offered by the Mindfulness Association. 

In January,  I attended the fabulous week-long Compassion-Based Living Course (CBLC) teaching skills retreat; and in March, the Inquiry and Group Dynamics CPD weekend.

Both of the training courses not only deepened my own personal practice but also gave me the tools and confidence to take my studies and teachings further. They were also very beneficial in terms of my MSc dissertation as these will underpin my Studies in Mindfulness with regards to the facilitation of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

With this is mind, it is with great joy that my full proposal for my dissertation has been approved and therefore it is all systems go. The next three months will be spent finalizing my three years in the study of Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight.

Looking forward to June and the last end of year retreat on the beautiful Holy Isle of Arran. A week where I will be able to deepen my practice even further and hopefully get closer to writing the 15 - 18,000 words needed to graduate. 


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